Soil Science at NC State: What’s in store for the 2016-2017 school year

Geographic Information Systems in Soil Science and Agriculture

Welcome to the NC State Soil Science online programs blog! A new feature, this blog helps potential students discover the field of soil science and the opportunities available through NC State. If you’re already deep into your studies in an online program, you can also use this blog to learn more information about what’s going on in soil science industries.

In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss the soil science programs offered this year and any department news relevant to the 2016-2017 school year.

Education on your terms

This year, Soil Science Online includes an Undergraduate Certificate in Soil Science and a Master of Soil Science. Each program offers a distinctive approach to soil science education, helping students earn the right education for their future career goals.

Undergraduate Certificate in Soil Science helps students who want supplementary courses while pursuing an education in another field, such as horticulture, biological and agricultural engineering or geospatial information systems. Or if a student considers entering a field related to soil science, the certificate serves as an introduction to soil science concepts, without the commitment to a degree program.

The Master of Soil Science online program serves students who seek to progress in a particular field or professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge in this particular area of study.

In addition to these two great programs, NC State also offers non-degree continuing education in soil science. There are 10 courses available to non-degree students; the courses enable both students and professionals gain relevant and up-to-date information in the field.

Programs led by experts in their field

Dr. David Crouse, the Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator (UTC) in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, directs the online programs. Under Dr. Crouse’s leadership and knowledge in the field, students fulfill their educational goals. His focus on individualized advising provides students guidance in selecting the courses necessary to achieve career goals.

Specific courses for a specific study

Soil science is a specialized area of study, and as such, the social science programs offer a detailed type of education. Students who are particularly interested in soil science will enjoy the specificity of these programs. Courses like Soil Fertility, Soil Physics and Wetland Soils offer in-depth exploration of these topics rather than the more surface investigation in a generic soil science course.

What’s going to happen next

Each month, this blog touches on a different aspect of soil science and the programs at NC State, offering a better understanding of this interesting field. Future topics include a look inside the Soil Science Society of America, soil science’s role in global grand challenges and what it takes to be a soil scientist. Check back for more information on what you can learn through these programs and if a future in soil science may be right for you.

If you can’t wait until next month for more information, check out the FAQ page or contact us directly.