The New Crop Science Certificate: Expanding Possibilities

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NC State online programs are known for their comprehensive array of choices available to students wanting to pursue higher education through alternative means. The selection of programs available in the field of Crop and Soil Sciences has now increased, with the addition of the Certificate in Crop Science, introduced at the undergraduate level. This newly available certificate program offers more potential students the opportunity to pursue specialized fields and increase their prospects for long and fulfilling careers.

What is the Certificate of Crop Science?

This new Crop Science certificate program helps students and professionals broaden their knowledge of cropping systems. In the certificate program, students learn about the implication of crops on the economy; the impact of environmental factors on crop development, growth and outputs; and the production systems for sustainable crops. Students also learn about the scientific and societal issues related to biotechnology in crop production as well as the sales and distribution of these crops as it relates to combating global hunger crises.

The Certificate of Crop Science is a 15-credit curriculum, which students can complete in as little as three semesters. Students taking the certificate as a non-degree studies program can take up to six credit hours per term.

Why Pursue the Certificate of Crop Science?

Professionals who are looking for career advancement in crop science and agriculture may be well-suited for the certificate program. The certificate program allows these professionals to enhance their experience and existing knowledge through the specialized program, serving as a great addition to their previous studies in the agricultural disciplines.

Other potential candidates include undergraduates at NC State who wish to have a recognized specialization in addition to their major course of study or students from other universities who do not have access to Crop Science programs at their schools. The certificate, therefore, offers validation to the outside study and serves as a bonus for future graduate school or job applications.

Becoming a Certified Crop Advisor

If you’re looking to become a Certified Crop Advisor, the Certificate of Crop Science may be advantageous in applying for this position. As a Certified Crop Advisor, you’ll need credentials that indicate an educational background with a strong emphasis on or at least experience in learning about crop science and agronomy. Additionally, you must pass two comprehensive exams on crop science, and this program helps students to be more prepared for the exams.

Interested in a new online program that fits your goals and your schedule? The new Certificate of Crop Science may be the perfect fit.  

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