Agroecology Specialist

Promote ecologically sound farming practices. Close crop yield gaps between organic and conventional farms. Advance organic pest and disease control. If this sounds exciting, you may enjoy working as an agroecology specialist.

AgroecologistWhat Does a Career as an Agroecology Specialist Look Like?

Agroecology is the study of ecological processes as applied to agricultural production systems. Work in this field involves optimizing resources and natural mechanisms to make farms more competitive and sustainable, taking into consideration limiting factors such as economic constraints or the cost of change to new practices.

A career as an agroecology specialist usually entails:

  • Studying productivity, stability, sustainability and equitability of agroecological systems.
  • Developing best practices for maximizing crop production.
  • Researching techniques for improving crop yield and reducing dependence on techniques and resources that cause ecological problems.
  • Considering farming practices, economic constraints and cultural factors while recommending optimal agricultural methodologies.
  • Working with farmers to develop and implement new farming strategies.

Agroecology Specialist Salary and Demand

Salaries vary considerably by employer and experience.

agroecologist salary

Job demand varies by state.

job demand agroecologist

What Education is Required to Work as an Agroecology Specialist?

Almost all agroecology specialist positions require a bachelor’s degree, and some require a master’s degree.

education required to work as an agroecology specilalist

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Agroecology Specialist Job Opportunities

There are many different types of agroecologist jobs to choose from. The following are just a few of the common job titles graduates qualify for:

  • Sustainable Crop Production Specialist
  • Organic Farm Specialist

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