An Inside Look at the Soil Science Society of America

Many professionals in the United States are part of larger communities of research and support, and that’s definitely true for Soil Science. Organizations and professional societies give members of certain fields opportunities to network, access resources for professional development and attend workshops, conferences and other educational opportunities. In this month’s Soil Science Online Blog, we[…] Read More

NC State Soil Science in the Community: The Dan River Coal Ash Spill in North Carolina

Back in February of 2014, you may have heard about a disaster occurring near Eden, North Carolina: A storm water drainage pipe leading into the Dan River collapsed, dumping 30,000 tons of coal ash into the river. Three years later, NC State soil scientists have helped the community gain some peace of mind through a[…] Read More

What Does it Take to Be a Soil Scientist? Certifications in the US and NC

While you may be pursuing a master’s degree or an undergraduate certificate in soil science, a national or state certification in soil science solidifies your expertise in the field. So how does one obtain official certifications in the United States or North Carolina specifically? In this month’s Soil Science Online Blog, we take you through[…] Read More

Soil Science in the News: Current Events in the Field

With the current news and media climate, many of today’s stories go “under the radar.” But these top stories caught our attention because they specifically reference soil science. You may not realize it, but soil science plays a significant role in many aspects of our lives. In this month’s Soil Science Online Blog, we look[…] Read More