Soil Science Careers and Employment Opportunities

Today, soil science careers are growing, as soil scientists play a role in:

  • Maximizing food production
  • Planning efficient urban development
  • Safely disposing of waste
  • Conserving prime farmland
  • Reducing the impact of soil erosion
  • Conserving the world’s energy resources and many other activities

If these possible career paths interest you, then the field of Soil Science could be in your future.

Soil Science Careers and Employment Opportunities

Dozens of career opportunities related to soil science are posted to the Internet on a daily basis. We index these jobs on Twitter when appropriate. A sampling of recent job titles include:

  • Soil and land use consultant
  • Agricultural advisor
  • Natural resource consultant
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Soil conservationist
  • Erosion control or land reclamation specialist
  • Water quality specialist
  • Applied ecologist
  • Natural resource or environmental educator