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Keith Edmisten + NC State’s Crop Biotechnology Program

We had the recent opportunity to catch up with Crop and Soil Sciences Professor Keith Edmisten to learn more about his background, NC State’s Crop Biotechnology Program, and the courses he teaches. Dr. Edmisten’s Background First, let’s take a look at Dr. Edmisten’s background: Having grown up on a farm in North Carolina’s Iredell County,[…] Read More

Dr. Rich Cooper of the Turfgrass Science Program

Within the NC State Department of Crop and Soil Sciences is a program that has recently received national recognition. The NC State Turfgrass Science Program is an excellent opportunity for students who want to study in this interesting field and learn more about the potential careers available. This month we caught up with Dr. Rich[…] Read More

An Inside Look at the Soil Science Society of America

Many professionals in the United States are part of larger communities of research and support, and that’s definitely true for Soil Science. Organizations and professional societies give members of certain fields opportunities to network, access resources for professional development and attend workshops, conferences and other educational opportunities. In this month’s Soil Science Online Blog, we[…] Read More

Soil Science in the News: Current Events in the Field

With the current news and media climate, many of today’s stories go “under the radar.” But these top stories caught our attention because they specifically reference soil science. You may not realize it, but soil science plays a significant role in many aspects of our lives. In this month’s Soil Science Online Blog, we look[…] Read More