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Dr. Rich Cooper of the Turfgrass Science Program

Within the NC State Department of Crop and Soil Sciences is a program that has recently received national recognition. The NC State Turfgrass Science Program is an excellent opportunity for students who want to study in this interesting field and learn more about the potential careers available. This month we caught up with Dr. Rich[…] Read More

The New Crop Science Certificate: Expanding Possibilities

NC State online programs are known for their comprehensive array of choices available to students wanting to pursue higher education through alternative means. The selection of programs available in the field of Crop and Soil Sciences has now increased, with the addition of the Certificate in Crop Science, introduced at the undergraduate level. This newly[…] Read More

What Does it Take to Be a Soil Scientist? Certifications in the US and NC

While you may be pursuing a master’s degree or an undergraduate certificate in soil science, a national or state certification in soil science solidifies your expertise in the field. So how does one obtain official certifications in the United States or North Carolina specifically? In this month’s Soil Science Online Blog, we take you through[…] Read More

Soil Science at NC State: What’s in store for the 2016-2017 school year

Welcome to the NC State Soil Science online programs blog! A new feature, this blog helps potential students discover the field of soil science and the opportunities available through NC State. If you’re already deep into your studies in an online program, you can also use this blog to learn more information about what’s going[…] Read More

Geographic Information Systems in Soil Science and Agriculture
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