Crop Advisor

Inspire. Advise. Improve seed or crop production. If that sounds exciting, you may enjoy a career as a crop advisor, crops systems specialist or a nutrient management specialist.

work as a crop specialistWhat Does a Career as a Crop Advisor Look Like?

A crop advisor works to improve how a business or company manages and utilizes data from the seed or crop production process. They coordinate data collection initiatives and aid in strategic decision making.

A career as a crop advisor usually entails:

  • Field scouting in an attempt to identify and solve problems before they get out of control.
  • Predicting, planning for and avoiding problems with crop production including disease and malnutrition.
  • Analysis of crop production success and failures.
  • Communication with the client in an advisory and possibly supervisory manner.
  • Record keeping and documentation, including forecasting and possibly accounting.
  • Propose recommendations for everything from seeding to fertilization and weed, pest and disease control.

To work in this field, you need to have a good grasp of soil science and agriculture and/or horticulture. You will be expected to know how to propose, plan, execute, analyse and document research projects of a large scale.

Crop Advisor Salary and Forecast

Those working in crop advising earn a median salary of $44,680 (as of 2016).

crop advisor salary

Job opportunities in the industry are growing at a rate of 5-8%, with North Carolina leading the way with a job opportunity growth rate of 9.4%.

crop advisor job forecast

What Education is Required to Work as a Crop Advisor?

Almost half of these positions require an associate’s degree and half require a bachelor’s degree.  A graduate level certificate gives a significant edge in the job market.

crop advisor education requirements

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Crop Advisor Job Opportunities

There are many different types of crop advisory jobs to choose from. The following are just a few of the common job titles graduates qualify for:

  • Crop Advisor
  • Crop Specialist
  • Crop Consultant
  • Crops Systems Specialist
  • Nutrient Management Specialist
  • Waste Management Specialist

Explore crop advisor job opportunities.

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