Golf Course Superintendent or Turfgrass Manager

Work outdoors. Cultivate perfect turf grasses. Take pride in creating beautiful, sustainable turf grasses by working as a golf course superintendent or athletic turf manager.

golf course superintendent jobs, turfgrass manager jobsWhat Does a Career as a Golf Course Superintendent or Turf Manager Look Like?

A career in turf management usually entails:

  • Supervision and coordination of landscaping and groundskeeping.
  • Advise upon, choose and supervise sustainable horticultural practices to create and maintain turf grasses and grounds.
  • Inspection of groundskeeping and horticultural work to ensure conformance to specifications and standards.

To work in this field, you need to possess deep knowledge of soil science and horticultural science. You will be expected to know how to propose, plan and execute horticultural and soil science projects on a large scale.

Turf Manager or Golf Course Superintendent Salary and Forecast

Those working in turf management earn a national median salary of $45,740 and a state median salary of $48,370, with upper range salaries of approximately $68,000 (as of 2016).

golf superintendent salary

Job opportunities in the industry are growing at a rate of 5-8%, with North Carolina leading the way with a job opportunity growth rate of 11.7%.

golf superintendent job forecast

What Education is Required to Work as a Golf Course Superintendent or Turf Manager?

Some positions require an associate’s degree or a post-secondary certificate; other positions do not. About 36% of positions require a bachelor’s degree. 

golf course superintendent education requirements

Explore the many related educational programs available at NC State here:

Turf Manager or Golf Course Superintendent Job Opportunities

There are many different types of related jobs to choose from. The following are just a few of the common job titles graduates of soil science programs qualify for:

  • Golf Course Superintendent
  • Athletic Turf Manager
  • Turfgrass Sales and Marketing Representative
  • Turfgrass Science Researcher
  • Landscape Manager
  • Field Manager
  • Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Explore turfgrass management job opportunities.

Ready to Get Started?

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