Land Use

Purposeful. Environmentally conscientious. Ready to make a difference. Sound familiar? If so, you may want to look into a career in land use and resource management.

land use consultant, natural resource consultant, land reclamation specialistWhat Does a Career in Land Use Look Like?

The driving force behind a career in land use is the desire to protect or improve natural resources. Prudent management of natural resources for the benefit of society requires knowledge of soils, hydrology, geology and plant and animal life. To be effective, those working in land use and resource management also need to understand resource policy, economics and environmental law.

A career in land use typically encompasses:

  • Development and management of conservation plans designed to protect natural resources.
  • Oversight of efforts to protect land and water use such as nutrient management, erosion control, establishment of buffer zones, protection of or development of filter strips.
  • Evaluation of locations suffering from erosion and develop plans for management or recovery of such locations.
  • Supervision of construction initiatives, including preventative planning and responsible execution of land use and natural management plans.
  • Advising land users, including builders, developers, city planners, ranchers and farmers, regarding natural resource management.
  • Engagement with government or nongovernmental organizations to facilitate ecologically responsible usage of land.

Employees working in the field of land use and resource management are expected to be investigative, realistic and enterprising. You will regularly need to gather and evaluate information, develop plans to solve problems, communicate with parties involved and evaluate document progress of projects.

Land Use Salary and Forecast

Jobs in the field of land use and natural resource management have a national median salary of $59,070 (as of 2016).

land use consultant salary

Job opportunities in this industry are growing at a rate of 5-8%, with North Carolina leading the way with a job opportunity growth rate of 11.1%.

job forecast for land use jobs

What Education is Required to Work in Land Use?

All of these career opportunities require at least a bachelor’s degree, and most require a graduate degree or at least a graduate level certificate.

what education is needed to work in land use

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Land Use Job Opportunities

The following are common job titles of people working in the field of land use and natural resource management with a specialty in soil science conservation:

  • Land Use Consultant
  • Land Use Advisor
  • Land Use Planner
  • Natural Resource Consultant
  • Erosion Control Specialist
  • Land Reclamation Specialist
  • Agricultural Advisor
  • Wastewater Reuse Specialist

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